Company Profile


Rand Instruments Africa (Pty) Ltd is a multi-cultural company engaged in socially responsible operations, on the African continent and internationally.

It is dedicated to providing products and service of such quality that our customers will receive superior value while our employees and business partners will share in our success and our stakeholders will get a sustained return on their investment.


Our Vision is to be the leaders on the African continent and internationally in analyser systems design, engineering, manufacturing, installations and related services.

Analyser System Integrators, Engineering Consultants and Manufacturers.

The Rand Group is a well-established, diverse professional company in the South African process analyser systems industry and has been operating for almost a quarter of a century. In addition to our core business of design engineering and manufacturing, we also are an accredited supplier of various brands of process, environmental and liquid analytical systems and products across all industries.

Our head office and 2,500m² manufacturing facility are located in Springs Gauteng. The company adheres to the stringent South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC) standards and has a five-star diamond accreditation from IRCA for ISO 18000, ISO 14000 and ISO 9000:2010 to Global best practices.

We are accredited by CERTEX enabling us to do in-house certifications to explosion proof requirements for our own manufactured products as well as other manufacturers’ products.

Since our inception, we have prospered to a position of national standing due to no small part to our ability to finance turnkey analyser projects for analyser systems both locally and internationally such as amongst others: – Anglo American, Linde, Billiton, Sasol Group, Samancor, Bateman and Kellogg Brown and Root.

We have competent technical staff and the infrastructure to execute projects from conception design through to manufacturing, site installation and hand over to the end-user.

Apart from our own product offering we are, as an engineering and manufacturing company, able to offer any brand name Gas and Liquid Analysers, should this be a requirement of the project or preferred by the end user.

We are a Total Solutions Partner for Siemens Process Analytics in the African continent for Continuous Gas Analysers.

Lastly, MODCON is a pioneer in the way for the next generation of process analysers for Oil Refineries, Natural Gas, Pipelines, Chemical, Petrochemical and Biotechnology Industries.

Rand Group has a fully equipped workshop enabling us to do repair work on any analyser or system. We take care of all repair work and factory acceptance testing as well as commissioning on site. We offer maintenance contracts in South Africa as well as abroad.

We have a fully equipped machine shop enabling us to perform guillotining, bending, punching and turning work allowing us to manufacture in-house custom build distribution boards, sample system enclosures, HVAC systems and analyser houses for general purpose and for Zone 2 requirements.

We have a multi-task installation and construction teams that take care of our E & I site installation work. This is not limited to analyser installations only, general instrumentation, electrical installations as well as commissioning, are included in their activities. We are also committed to in-house design and have specialist analyser systems design engineers. We are able to furnish full engineering packages for analyser systems. All drawings are done on our MicroStation CAD program and can be done to specific customer requirements.

The scarcity of personnel in our field has become a problem. However, we have started our own government accredited training centre to overcome this issue. Hands-on training of any of the equipment in our scope of supply can be provided at the customer site as well as at our Springs Rand Skills Enhancement Centre facilities. Courses currently available are as follows: – welding, tube fitters, advance tube fitting, electricians and analyser mechanics.

Since our inception, we have gone from strength to strength and have grown to a position of national standing due in no small part to our ability to finance turnkey analyser projects for analyser systems both locally and internationally. We are geared to provide the expertise demanded by our industry by the rigorous disciplines of each of the industries in the South African, African and other foreign markets.

The most important thing we have learnt as a company is that customer service and on time deliveries together with high quality work is the winning combination. In the future, Rand aims to engage more with the Middle East and Africa regions, developing new partnerships and strengthening existing ones in order to continue our business growth.

“We are geared to provide the expertise demanded by our industry by the exacting disciplines of each of the industries in the South African, African and other foreign markets.”